What is a psychologist?

Psychologists are highly skilled specialists in the treatment of mental health concerns. The title of psychologist can only be applied to professionals who have earned a doctoral degree in applied psychology and are licensed by the State in which they practice.

Doctoral programs in applied psychology (e.g., PhD programs in counseling, clinical, or school psychology) typically require 5-7 years of post-baccalaureate schooling. Licensed psychologists have also completed an additional 2-3 years of supervised training, typically referred to as pre-doctoral internships or residencies and post-doctoral fellowships. Lastly, psychologists must pass a national written examination, as well as oral and/or written evaluations for the State in which they practice. Licensed psychologists are required to complete continuing education throughout their careers. Dr. Radabaugh is licensed in the State of Washington; Her license number is PY00002981.


How long are sessions and what do they involve?

Individual and couples sessions are typically 50-minutes, with the remaining 10 minutes devoted to personalized treatment planning and record keeping. Frequency of sessions and length of treatment are decided jointly between each client and Dr. Radabaugh. Treatment is a collaborative process that is thoughtfully designed to meet each client's personal needs, goals and preferences.


Are sessions confidential?

Yes, all professional contact with a psychologist is considered confidential. Anything discussed within the context of treatment generally cannot be released to anyone without written client consent unless mandated or allowed by the law. For instance, psychologists are legally obligated to take protective actions if they have reason to believe that a client or another identifiable person is in imminent danger of serious harm or death.

As a matter of practice, ethical psychologists discuss and outline specific limits of confidentiality with their clients during their first meeting and throughout therapy as indicated. Dr. Radabaugh is also available to answer questions about confidentiality by telephone prior to the first appointment.

Can I use my insurance?
Dr. Radabaugh believes in providing the highest quality of care and maintaining client confidentiality, while also helping client's use their insurance benefits if they so choose. Dr. Radabaugh is able to maintain these commitments by serving on the panel of select insurance carriers, and by acting as a non-contract or ‘out-of-network' insurance provider for other PPOs.

Dr. Radabaugh can complete necessary paperwork for clients who choose to seek direct insurance-to-client reimbursement from an insurance plan on which she is considered a non-contract or ‘out-of-network' provider. These clients typically pay for their services in full at the beginning of each appointment, and can subsequently seek reimbursement for fees-paid from their insurance company. To learn more about reimbursement policies, clients can call the number on their insurance identification card and ask, (a) does the carrier allow direct insurance-to-client reimbursement for fees already paid, (b) which services will be reimbursed and at what rate, and (c) what procedures need to be followed for direct client reimbursement to take place.



Do I have to use insurance?
No, many clients choose not to use insurance.

How do I schedule or change an appointment?
Confidential voicemails can be left for Dr. Radabaugh at (206) 550-8241 .

Who do I contact in the case of an emergency?
Clients should call 911 if there is imminent risk to themselves or someone else. Clients who need to speak to someone right away but are not in imminent danger are encouraged to call the Crisis Line at (206) 461-3222 or toll-free at (866) 427-4747. Regional Emergency and 24-hour Acute Care Clinics include:

Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland: (425) 899-1000 or 899-1700 (emergency department)

Overlake Hospital in Bellevue: (425) 688-5777

Overlake Hospital Acute Care Clinic in Issaquah: (425) 688-5777

Swedish Hospital Acute Care Clinic in Issaquah: (425) 394-0600