Dr. Radabaugh earned a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Oregon. She completed her residency in clinical psychology at the Durham VA Medical Center in affiliation with Duke University Medical School, and subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the prestigious Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology (Harvard University, Boston University, and the VA Boston Health Care System). Dr. Radabaugh remained in Boston for several years, where she worked in the Women's Health Science Division of the National Center for PTSD, before returning to her native Seattle in 2003.

Dr. Radabaugh's private practice focuses on the evaluation and treatment of stress-related concerns, ranging from anxiety and depression to weight gain and fatigue. Dr. Radabaugh sees both women and men, and often works with individuals and couples who are seeking balance between family, parenting, career, career-family sequencing, and other life roles.


In conjunction with her private practice, Dr. Radabaugh also uses her expertise in stress and behavioral health as the national coordinator of the Veterans Administration training program for physicians, psychologists and other health care providers in brief smoking cessation interventions (for more information, please visit: www.va.gov/smokingmh). Dr. Radabaugh is published on the topic of anxiety and stress, and she regularly presents at national and international conventions on the treatment of stress-related concerns. She likewise leads seminars on achieving healthy lifestyle through mindful relaxation, stress management, exercise, nutrition, and relationship skills.


Treatment Model


Dr. Radabaugh views treatment as a compassionate, safe, confidential, and collaborative process. She utilizes a combination of cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal-process techniques thoughtfully designed to meet each client's individual needs. Dr. Radabaugh is committed to helping her clients achieve emotional healing and exceed their personal goals.

Dr. Radabaugh encourages anyone who is interested in therapy or mental health seminars to contact her by telephone with questions about her practice, to discuss best-fit treatment options, or to schedule an initial appointment. This consultation is always free.